single channel video
5:58 min. loop
The blur / motion / trans project is based around an on-going sculpture I have been adding to since 1992. In the early ‘90s I had lost many friends to AIDS, and within this experience of loss I found myself holding on to my hair— I started to collect my hair as it came out as I brushed it. I have been crocheting the hair into a sculpture which has grown taller and taller over the years. In blur / motion / trans I have re-appropriated my hair by wearing this hairy prothesis / appendage / witch’s hat / dunce cap object and recording myself in motion. I am interested in the idea of dreaming as a working method and work in a kind of blind, trance, performative way. Metamorphic mirroring, doubling and ghosting occur: from troll to hag to witch to siren to trickster to doppelganger. I am acting as both performer and recorder, object and subject—trying to catch the intervening space of motion trails, accessing and depicting the partly conscious, partly unconscious gestures.