aerial view 3    2015   silver gelatin photogram on fiber-based paper, canvas, plexiglass, styrofoam Dimensions variable: H: 75 inches x W: 82 inches x D: 16 inches   
  pillow 4  2000 archival pigment print mounted to plexiglas diptych: H: 36 inches x W: 95 inches x .D: 5 inches, overall edition of 3 + 2 A/P
  blur 1  2011 - 2014 archival pigment print sandwich mounted between plexi 22  x  22  x  .5 inches edition of 5 + 2 A/P  The  blur series , intimately involved with self-portraiture, is part of the of the  blur / motion / trans project . Using the on-going sculpture  winter 1992 — january 1998 — present  as the central prop, foreground and background shift while the subject, in motion, makes it difficult to decipher if the plane of the wall is in front, behind or in the middle of the ghostly blur that seems to be moving. I am interested in the idea of the documentation of a performance for which there is no audience, and representations of myself as I can never see myself.
  transformation 1  2013 — 2018 archival pigment print 35  x  23 x  inches edition of 5 + 2 A/P The blur / motion / trans project is based around an on-going sculpture I have been adding to since 1992:  winter 1992 — january 1998 — present  . In the early ‘90s I had lost many friends to AIDS, and within this experience of loss I found myself holding on to my hair, and I started to collect my hair as it came out as I brushed it. I have been crocheting the hair into a sculpture which has grown taller and taller over the years. In blur / motion / trans I have re-appropriated my hair by wearing this hairy prothesis / appendage / witch’s hat / conical object and recording myself in motion. I am interested in the idea of dreaming as a working method, and work as if in a blind, performative trance. Through a metamorphic process of moving- mirroring, doubling and ghostlng occur. I am acting as both performer and recorder, object and subject—trying to catch the intervening space of motion trails, accessing and depicting the partly conscious, partly unconscious gestures.
  skin 1 (CY)  2002-2018 archival pigment print on matte photo tex 22 x 13 inches edition of 5 + 2 A/P
  Helen and Miss Smith  1 1997 silver gelatin print + wood frame 2 x 4 inches, 10 x 8 framed   Helen and Miss Smith  A suite of 5 silver gelatin prints. Found photos of 2 women, one named Helen and the other Miss Smith from 1915 - 1970. Each work has been derived from successive generations of photographing, rephotographing and re-printing.